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Dexter Cattle

Registered cows measure between 36 and 42 inches in shoulder height at three years of age, and weigh approximately 750 pounds. Bulls are slightly larger at 38 to 44 inches shoulder height, and weigh in around 1000 pounds. The breed comes in three colors, predominately black, but also in red and dun.

Dexters produce both meat and milk. The meat has a delightful unique taste and the cuts are small in size in comparison to the larger breeds. It is ideally suited to a boutique meat market or the home freezer. For their size Dexters are prolific milkers. They can easily rear two calves at a time and have the potential to be used for commercial dairy purposes.

American Dexter Cattle Association

Import of Dexter cattle to America is thought to have occurred long ago, but the first recorded imports arrived between 1905 and 1915 and numbered over two hundred head. A complete history of early herds, their owners and the transfer of cattle between owners is well documented in the ADCA Herd Book.

Although the Dexter was an ideal homestead cow, providing meat, milk and power and found a good deal of popularity in that arena, as milk and meat production became specialized, the Dexter numbers decreased. At one time there were thought to be less than 5,000 in the world, but today, with renewed interest in small holdings, the numbers have risen to approximately 15,000 head worldwide. There are some 6,000 in North America at this time. The ADCA has nearly 650 members and registered 852 cattle in 2000.

American Dexter Cattle Association



Richard and Janice Fennema started in the Dexter cattle business in 2000 with one heifer and one bull. Due to the gentle nature and ease of care of Dexter cattle, we now have a thriving ranch in South Texas with one of the larger herds in the state.

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